OSSE API Documentation

General information

This documentation covers the RESTful web interfaces used in the OSSE open-source registry software solution. We explicitly permit and support re-implementation of these APIs (in whole or in part) in other software. However, please note that with the exception for the ID management interface, which is based on the Mainzelliste interface (cf. research article and project website), all APIs are still in development and its smaller details are subject to change. We aim to provide downwards compatibility, however, and make use of Semantic Versioning to convey the impact of any changes. You can join our mailing lists (OSSE users, announcements) to stay informed about upcoming updates.

  1. APIs for semantic interoperability:
    • The form repository allows forms to be retrieved and imported into the registry.
    • Since these forms are based on data elements further described by metadata, the metadata repository allows for the retrieval of data elements for usage in forms or as search parameters in queries.
  2. API for pseudonymization:
    • The identity management allows for the storage and retrieval of identifying patient data using the Mainzelliste interface.
  3. APIs for collaboration: